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Restoration - Brass & Copper Items & More


Bringing the old back to life - something that does take time but in the end is a great outcome!

What have you got that needs some work to get it back to its orginal glory?

Send us an email and we will do our best to help out

Check out some of the items we have done in the past

  • Old Copper Water Cylinder
    Making these into Planters or Wood Boxes.
  • Brass Blowtorch
    Old School Brass Blow Torch brought back to its original state! Click Image to see how it came in!
  • Brass Foot Pump
    This is one cool Foot Pump again brought back to it original Beauty
  • Steel Foot Pump
    This one isn't brass but still restored and looking stunning
  • Old School Flyer Trike
    Back to Life - Hours well spent as this trike came up looking excellent!
  • Brass Door Step
    People forget how good these brass door steps can look at your entrance to your home, Get your one down to us today and we will deal to it the best we can
  • Engine Block & Other Bits
    This is an old Bentley Engine that got passed onto us to do what ever we could with it, it wasn't easy but still came up great!

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