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  • Cast Iron Bath Seat
    We cut the side out, gave her a few coats of the good paint made a cushion and look at the outcome! Stunning
  • Custom Sized Planter Boxes
    If your in need of a special sized Planter Box just give us an email and we will be happy to quote your job
  • Firewood Holder
    This was exactly what the customer asked for - he wanted the rustic/vintage look.
  • Stainless Steel Pump Cover
    This was made as per a drawing for a pump cover. We do a bit of Stainless Work down here, Contact us now if your looking for a quote :)
  • Tetris Feature Wall
    This will start the conversations off, bright coloured bricks that can be used as shelves or the Tetris Feature Wall
  • Vent/Fan Cowl
    Custom made venting cowls
  • Planter Panel
    Ideal if you have limited space but love your gardening,

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