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Alloy Coil/Lead Covers


Bling up under your engine bay - also designed to let heat out
  • Honda Alloy Leads Cover - Going Cheap Old Stock
    Time to sharpen up under the hood?

    Grab one of these awesome alloy dimpled coil covers.

    Free Shipping NZ Wide

    $35.00 to powdercoat or polish
    NZ$ 35.00
  • RB20/25 Dimpled Coil Cover - Alloy/Powdercoated or Polished
    Alloy Dimpled Coil Cover
    Manufactured from Aluminum

    $35.00 Extra for Powdercoated
    $35.00 Extra for Polished

    Dimpled to help let the heat out under the RBs
    & to make the engine bay look the part

    Bolts/washers included

    Free Shipping NZ Wide

    -Add RB20 or RB25 upon checkout as they have a different bolt pattern-
    NZ$ 80.00
  • S13/S14 VCT OR NON VCT SR20DET COIL COVER - Aluminium/Powdercoated or Polished
    SR20DET Aluminium Coil Cover

    These fit both S13 & S14 SR20DET pick option when purchasing

    4 x 30mm dimpled holes to keep the heat down and/or can be used for wastespark setup

    Hardware supplied

    Powdercoated for $35.00 Extra.
    Polished $35.00 Extra
    Free Shipping NZ wide
    NZ$ 65.00
  • Slotted RB Coil Cover
    This is a 'Slotted' Version of our coil covers
    Either in Mirror Finish Stainless or Brushed Stainless or Aluminum
    NZ$ 100.00

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